Managed IT Services

Maximize your IT budget and staff by offloading routine IT functions to BroadCloud. Our managed services are tailored to relieve increasingly burdened IT staff from the routine, non-revenue generating tasks they often find themselves burdened in performing.

Choose from a menu of fully integrated Managed Service solutions that can be used to completely outsource critical applications or complement existing internal systems and IT resources.


Managed Security – Firewall, Intrusion Detection, VPN and patch management services are all available for your colocated or managed hosting environment. With additional services like email spam and virus-filtering, we offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions to cover all aspects of your infrastruture.


Managed Backup and Recovery – Industry leading backup systems protect your critical business data from loss and ensure timely recovery.


Managed Storage – Storage Area Network (SAN) and direct attached storage improve the ability for you to have reliable, consistently available data.


Managed Performance – Featuring Cisco Load balancing technology for maximum availability.

A BroadCloud Sales Member can assist you in customizing a solution designed for your environment.