Piston Managed Hosting

Through this partnership BroadCloud delivers flexible, scalable Piston OpenStack private clouds without the upfront expense.


BroadCloud's managed cloud hosting services have been designed to deliver maximum value and performance for businesses that need high quality hosting.

Whether your business needs a simple managed hosted cloud solution with a simple three node cloud or if it requires a multi-layer, complex managed hosting design with PaaS and database servers, BroadCloud has the experience to deliver reliability and performance for your project.

Piston OpenStack private clouds pilots are available on a month-by-month basis with pricing starting at under $900 a month. When you're ready to move from pilot into full production, the BroadCloud team will help you add more nodes and expand storage capacity with no change or disruption to your existing service. BroadCloud makes the upgrade experience invisible to existing operations and applications.

Managed hosting with BroadCloud starts with a consultation with a sales team member to understand the managed hosting needs of your business in order to design a solution to meet your project goals. Managed cloud hosting solutions are designed using only the best components available:

  • Intel multi-core processors
  • Premium, Multi-Carrier Bandwidth
  • Piston OpenStack cloud operating systems


BroadCloud's sales and engineering teams will recommend any of our managed services such as managed firewall, storage or load balancing to further enhance your hosting solution.

Your managed hosting solution will then be custom built and configured by a highly trained team of engineers and technicians. A dedicated project manager will ensure that your solution is delivered on time and correctly provisioned.

Ongoing support will be provided by BroadCloud's certified technical support and engineering team. To ensure that you have access to assistance when you need it, we have made our support options available via the web and toll free phone 24x7x365.

All hosting is served from our secured and manned facilities located with redundant network, high security, redundant power and 24x7 on site staffing.

Chat with us today, for more information email: Sales@broadcloud.com or Call (888) 950-1447 x123.